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Previously, Instant Scheduler allowed sales reps (BDRs/SDRs) to book meetings only on other reps' calendars (AEs). Now, we've added the option for reps to schedule meetings directly on their own calendars, giving them greater flexibility and control over their time.
Previously, meeting templates linked to meeting queues were used by the inbound router for scheduling meetings. We've now empowered you to define a meeting template directly at the inbound router level. This template takes precedence over any set at the meeting queue level.
The company logo you upload for organization branding will now be displayed on the routing form. This provides a more professional and personalized experience for your potential customers.
Leadmonk now integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive CRM!
This powerful new integration allows you to automatically create or update contacts and meetings in Pipedrive as appointments are scheduled through Leadmonk.
Check this help pagee to know more.
You can now effortlessly rearrange meeting types on your office hours Leadmonk page to match your needs. Simply add a serial number as a prefix to each meeting type's URL on your team booking page, and they'll automatically sort based on that number (as shown below). No need to change meeting names or descriptions. This keeps your user experience smooth while giving you complete control over the order of your meeting types.
The multiple hosts algorithm (Collective or Multi-host scheduling) is to be used to pool team members’ availability. The collective/multi-host booking page shows appointment slots only when all team members (all hosts) are available. If any host is not available when the other hosts are, that time slot will not be shown as available. When an invitee schedules a meeting, all team members are added to the calendar meeting invite.
Check this help page to know more.
Campaign router is used to generate smart booking link which can be used in your nurture campaigns, newsletters, and product announcements. This will empower prospects to schedule meetings instantly with the right rep without the back and forth, eliminating the need for multiple links. Check this help page to know more.
Instant Scheduler is a powerful tool that allows you to schedule meetings with just a few clicks.
Handoff Leads Like a Pro – Instant Scheduler automates lead routing and scheduling for lightning-fast handoffs across your entire sales funnel.
Route and Schedule in Seconds – Using Instant Scheduler, SDRs can book meetings for AEs, with just a few clicks. No more back-and-forth emails or scheduling conflicts.
The Handoff Router is a powerful tool within Leadmonk that enables seamless prospect transfers between assignees using Instant Scheduler. It works by intelligently routing prospects to the most appropriate team members based on pre-defined criteria, ensuring timely and efficient customer interactions. Check this help page to know more.
The meeting Analytics feature is available for your team in Leadmonk.
This feature works only if you have created an organization in Leadmonk.
As per this algorithm, each team member is assigned a weight based on factors like experience, expertise, and performance. The algorithm then distributes appointments based on a weighted average, ensuring that each team member receives a proportional share of appointments based on their assigned weight. This promotes fairness and prevents situations where high-performing individuals are overburdened.
Assigning the same weightage to all team members in round-robin scheduling is the most straightforward way to achieve equal distribution of meetings.
Check this help page to know more.
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